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Another year in the books. I became a mom of two, which has been such a beautiful thing. I have this overwhelming feeling of relief when I see my two babies. I often can’t believe they are even mine. I endured (am still enduring) a global pandemic with my family. I experienced a pregnancy and gave birth during the pandemic. Liv is giving a new meaning to the terrible twos and we are learning something new every day. Jack showed us what a newborn is supposed to do (or not do). Oh and let’s not forget Liv is wearing underwear and out of diapers. To be honest this has been a milestone that has me very emotional. It’s just one giant leap toward independence, and while it’s awesome to watch I’m crying on the inside.

This is probably cliche, but I do think it’s my best year yet. I recovered from a miscarriage that only made me stronger and in a lot of ways made me a better mom. My fitness took a back seat to my pregnancy which was humbling. But I learned that fitness can manifest itself in many different ways and the fitness that I’m used to will always be waiting for me when I’m ready for it to return. I’ve also read over 20 books, which is definitely a record, at least for me.

The quarantine made my marriage stronger. Our family is stronger than ever even after adding another rescue pup and baby, both who are very high maintenance I must add.

My little brother is finally moving back to Pennsylvania which is something I’ve been waiting for since he moved into his dorm 11 years ago. We had a good run in DC, but it’s time for unc to be closer.

I am thankful for my friendships, especially all my mom friends who keep me afloat this past year. And last but not least I finally found something that I can do while also staying home with my kids. I get to share my passion for all things Young Living from the comfort of my own home while sitting next to my kids. I'm only a couple weeks in, but I must say I am loving every second of it. So here's to 33, my lucky number, let's go!

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