• Christina Ehrlich

A Quick 2021 Recap

Unlike 2020, we did not add any family members in 2021. No dogs or tiny humans joined the family this year. It was still a great year!!

We started 2021 still adjusting to being a family of four. Jack was still rocking the newborn life and protesting sleep any chance he got. I turned 32, which was fairly uneventful and we had some really good snow storms.

Seth worked from home for most of the year which was really great for our family. We are grateful for the extra time he was able to spend with us. He also got two great promotions at work.

At the end of January I was sleep deprived and lonely so I decided to jump head first into the Young Living business. One of the best decisions made in 2021. I gained purpose and a lot of amazing friendships.

By the summer, Jack was sleeping better thanks to the hard work of a sleep consultant and a pediatric dentist who corrected both a lip and tongue tie.

We spent a week in Sea Isle and both kids enjoyed the beach and sun. In August we spent a long weekend in Hershey Park. We stayed in a cabin, ate chocolate, and enjoyed some amusement park rides.

In the fall we really started to settle in as a family of four. It is true what they say, it does get easier. I didn’t believe it, but it did. In November we celebrated five years married by taking a trip to Montauk. It was our first time away without the kids in quite some time.

Since having Jack I have found my fitness again. I’m mainly doing Peloton workouts because of the convenience with some CrossFit sprinkled on top. I read the most books I’ve ever read in a year. I was happy to get reading back into my routine this year as well.

Christmas was a blast this year. It was the first year that Liv really understood what was going on. And yes we love the Elf.

A lot of firsts happened for both kids. Jack started walking this year and is adding some words to his vocabulary. Liv went to her first movie, went to Sesame Place and rode on a train!

Looking forward to a new year and making more memories with my crew. 2022 will be full of hot coffee, oils, intentional time with the kids, fitness, books and more date nights. We even have some trips planned. Cheers to 2022, and thank you for all the days of 2021.

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