• Christina Ehrlich

Above the Wellness Line

As the seasons change it‘s so important to keep our immune systems as strong as they can be.

First, we have ditched all the toxins out of our home. We have switched our cleaning products to Thieves. We also ditched candles for diffusing essential oils. Unfortunately, a lot of store bought products have chemicals that can wreak havoc on our immune systems.

For myself, I drink at least two ounces of Ningxia a day. Other supplements I take include vitamin C and inner defense. I also take a daily pre and probiotic because good gut health is directly connected to a strong immune system.

Liv, who is almost three, takes a pre and probiotic in addition to Young Living’s multivitamin. She drinks Ningxia every day.

We have a wellness roller filled with frankincense, thieves and lemon that we apply twice a day, every day. We use it more if we feel the sniffles coming. We all use this!

Now it’s inevitable that germs come around. So when they do we diffuse extra thieves. I swear by sniffleease which is a pre-diluted blend by Young Living. Using that and the Thieves chest rub, we knock the germs out in a few days!

No one wants their kids to get sick so I do whatever it takes to keep their immune systems strong! You can browse and shop all the products I mentioned in this blog using the link below!

Browse YL here

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