• Christina Ehrlich

All MLMs Are Not Created Equal

First let me say that I am a fan of shopping small when I can. Over the past year I have really tried to make the shift. MLMs (multi level marketing companies) are shopping small. Your purchase directly supports someone you know. Unfortunately there is a stigma placed on this type of buying.

At the beginning of this year I found my way into the Young Living business and yes it is considered an MLM. My family and I have been using the products for well over a year and I decided it was time to share the products and lifestyle with others. It was a job I could do from really anywhere, while still being home with my kids. It was the perfect thing for me. I am so glad I made the jump and I have never been happier.

There is one downside and it is the stigma around what I am doing. Luckily I don't care what other people think, but it still gets me down sometimes. I'm not sure why I'm allowed to share a link to amazon or target, without getting shamed, but when I try to share non toxic diaper cream to new moms I get shit for it. Seems silly if you ask me.

No not all MLMs are created equal so the bad ones tend to ruin it for all of them. I'm here to tell you Young Living is truly special and the culture of the company and community is unique. Everyone in our community builds people up and we pride ourselves on the collaboration that goes on behind the scenes.

Let me debunk some myths that tend to give Young Living a bad rap. You will be pressured into doing the business if you buy oils. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I have a team of almost 50 and not even 5 do the business. They are all happy customers enjoying the products. The business door is always open and I educate about it, but that is all. I have to spend a certain amount each month. Negative. You can spend monthly, you can make one purchase a year, you can never buy anything ever again. It's that simple. There are annual fees. Definitely not. The only "fees" are tax and shipping, which I think is fairly common....

Let's break down the stigma. It's all about educating yourselves. Young Living is truly a gift and I am so thankful I found it.

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