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What a year! Or how about these unprecedented times. There are a lot of cliches to choose from but plain and simple 2020 was a very hard year for all. People lost loved ones, people lost jobs, businesses closed, you get the idea. Oh and let's not forget the unrest of our country. But I really don't have the emotional stamina to get into that.

I am back and I'm so happy to be back. I missed this. I missed writing, I missed sharing what I love and I missed helping others. Let's take a quick look at what 2020 looked like for my family.

Yes the Covid-19 pandemic came to the United States. As we were processing it and all the unknowns that came with it, we found out we were expecting baby #2! We were obviously ecstatic, but damn, pregnancy after loss during a global pandemic? Yikes. We went into strict quarantine like many families did. The grocery store shelves were bare and no one could find toilet paper. We had our health, Seth kept his job and actually had one of his best years yet, and we were expecting a baby so had a lot to be thankful for in such a time of unrest. I didn't see my parents for a few months which I'm pretty sure hasn't happened since I was born. We were all adjusting to new ways of normalcy.

Fast forward to the summer and quarantine limitations started to loosen. We started doing a lot of outdoor dining and honestly it was really nice. Seth has been working from home for almost a year now, and as a SAHM it's been nice to have another adult around. He's been able to see the kids more and spend more time helping with their daily routines. I think my favorite part of this pandemic time is take out is now supporting local businesses. Who is with me on this? Oh and curbside pick up for almost everything? Yes, please.

Summer of 2020, still pregnant (yay) and we found out we were having a boy! Something else we did in the summer? We adopted a rescue pup, Zoe. Crazy I know. And believe me it wasn't easy, but she is such a beautiful and clumsy dog that fell right in line with our organized chaos we call family. She prepped us for newborn life, that's for sure.

So now fall is here and we are patiently awaiting Jack's arrival. Olivia was signed up for preschool, but we pushed that back a year. We are fortunate to have amazing people in our lives and she goes to a fantastic in-home daycare twice a week. She absolutely loves it and I'd be lying if I didn't love it. She gets a break from me and socializes with other kids. It's really nice to have some one-on-one time with Jack too.

Now to the best part of 2020, Jack. We welcomed Jack into the world on October 29th. He was perfect in every way. They aren't kidding when they say rainbow babies are special. My birth story will be a post for another day! It's definitely one for a textbook....

Jack was anything but easy, but honestly when people say easy when describing a newborn I think they are delusional. But did he sleep? Maybe 1-2 hours in a 24 hour period. Did he scream, yes. But did he love his momma, oh my goodness yes! So for the first month he spent about 90% of the day on my breasts. If he wasn't on them he was screaming, sleeping, pooping or a combination of the three.

Now the holidays. Are you loving this quick snapshot of 2020 and how easy I'm making it look? I know 2020 sucked for a lot of people. It wasn't easy, but all the days of the year happened and we experienced every moment. I miss my extended family, but the holidays were very low key and relaxed. As a new mom of two with a newborn who was far from easy, it was really nice to stay at home and have no real pressure to get out of my sweats or travel with the kids. We created some new traditions that we would love to see happen next year in some way or another.

Ok so some bright spots of 2020. Quality time with family. Having Seth work from home and not enduring his commute each day. Jack and Zoe joining our family. A new perspective on what's most important in this short life.

Now onto 2021. Eh. But hey we're here, let's make the best of it! Stay tuned for posts about all things mom, parenting, fitness, oils, and whatever else enters this crazy mom's headspace. Thanks for being here. If you're new check out my posts and get caught up!

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