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Book Lady Status

Right before Christmas of last year I entered the world of Usborne Books & More as an independent consultant. With a 15 month old that LOVES books, it was a no brainer. There was a very small fee to join and when I joined we got books in the starter kit! I figured we would get the perks every time we buy books for Liv and the other kiddos in our lives. For those who know me I really enjoy giving books as gifts for birthdays and other holidays.

I dove right in and hosted some online parties and I loved matching the kiddos with books based on their interests and developmental stage. I absolutely love the company and, well let me tell you we can't get enough of their books! Watching Liv go over to her little bookshelf in the play room and pick out her favorites is often the highlight of my day! The books are so interactive and perfect for every developmental stage. I enjoy seeing other kids enjoy the books, because I played a small part in getting those books in their tiny hands! The community of book ladies is also so supportive and encouraging. It is a nice community for this stay at home mom. I am so glad I found the wonderful world of UBAM.

Like I said, I love the books for Liv and I enjoy helping other parents get books for their kids, but I have to be honest I am not a good fit for sales. It's just not in my wheelhouse, so I will dial back the business side and just buy books for Livy and help my friends and family members get books for their kids! Happy reading!

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