• Christina Ehrlich

Changing Lives with Young Living

I started sharing and educating all things Young Living because it has done so much for my family and I wanted to help others. I reached out to my team and asked why they turned to Young Living. Here are some testimonials from my crew!!

"NingXia red is a game changer, it is a mood and energy booster! The kids kit special sleepyize are now part of my toddler's bedtime routine and it really made a difference to her night fears"

"I loved seeing what you were getting out of that the YL products you were using: less stress, better sleep, relaxing, less chemicals - so I wanted to have a part of that to :) (and the owl diffuser was too cute to pass up 🤪)" Feather the Owl has superpowers....

"As a night shift worker in a stressful job, I often suffer from anxiety and difficulty sleeping. I had heard about the benefits of essential oils and holistic remedies. One company that I came across several times was Young Living. I was very excited when Christina offered online classes to learn more about the oily lifestyle. The information about the different products and how they can be used was so helpful. Christina sharing her knowledge and expertise on which products would be most beneficial to me, and also the most affordable options (which was the starter kit for me) is what got me started on my YL journey."

“I knew nothing about essential oils outside of a good friend talking about rollers she made until about six weeks ago. I saw a social media influencer I follow talk about lavender being useful for sleep and reached out to a friend who ordered me a jar. After several conversations with Christina, and her patience answering all my questions and alleviating all of my concerns it was a no brainer to order through her. She has been a wealth of information and has made getting aquatinted with my new oils so much easier.”

"I am always looking for cleaner ways of living. I turned to Arbonne for some skin care and nutrition. After having kids I am even more aware of the toxic ingredients in cleaning products and I was looking for safer products. I was buying the products that were labeled clean or organic, knowing they weren't 100% clean but it was the best option for us at the time! Last year I bought the Thieves cleaner and love the smell! Fast forward a few months, I saw Christina's post about the laundry soap and how she split it into three different bottles. As a mom who was buying detergent every other month, I was intrigued! But the best part is I know that the laundry soap is 100% clean and good for our skin and overall health! Young Living is an easy button for me when it comes to clean labels! The thieves starter kit was a no brainer because I can try a bunch of the products! Christina got me at the perfect time and I am so grateful!"

"So deep relief roller...rolled across the back of my neck (shoulder to shoulder) and the allergy/sinus tension type headache is gone. I've been taking tylenol and drinking water all day to kick it and nothing was working Wowwwww!!!"

"I either have allergies or a cold at the moment and I put a drop of thieves vitality in my tea this morning which was lovely and have been diffusing peppermint, lemon, lavender in the morning for us! Yesterday I diffused thieves to clean the air of the germs! My husband was having stomach issues the other night so I put the digit vitality in his drink of water before bed and the next morning he didn't have any issues!"

All of these messages that I get bring me so much joy. Young Living has changed our lives in more ways than one and I would be rude not to share it with all of you! If you have something you are struggling with just reach out! I will share my experiences and try and help!

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