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DIY Products with Oils

Other than rollers and cleaning products, I've been gradually making some other products since starting my life with essential oils. Like the DIY rollers, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few things I have made and have been using on a regular basis.

Anyone out there experience postpartum hair loss? Or maybe you aren't happy with how healthy your hair is. The solution is mermaid spray! If you search the internet you will find several recipes for this. Find one that works for you! This is one I tried and I've been really enjoying the results so far!

Mermaid Spray

-Start with a glass spray bottle (linked in finds)

-20 drops lavender, 20 drops cedarwood and 20 drops rosemary

-Fill the rest with water

-Apply to wet or dry hair once or twice a day

My skin has taken a hit since becoming a mom. Thanks to Young Living, I've found some products that really work for me and have helped me create an actual skin care routing (future blog post for sure). But this every day moisturizing spray is really helping my skin especially during the cold days of winter. I use it all day sometimes up to six times a day!

Face Moisturizing spray

-Start with a glass spray bottle (linked in finds)

-20 drops of lavender and 20 drops of frankincense

-1/4 witch hazel

-Fill rest with distilled water

Another item that has been really helping my skin are night time masks. Shout out to my girl Meg, the oily genius, for sharing these masks with all of us! After you make them, put them in a large zip lock back and keep them in the fridge. The cooler temperature will help your skin even more and decrease the puffiness. Masks and other items you need will be linked in my finds. I put my mask on every night and take it off after it drys up. Rub in all the excess moisture (don't forget your neck) and then go to sleep!

Face Masks

-Start with a medium size glass bowl

-One tablespoon of honey (organic raw unfiltered)

-About one cup of jojoba oil (or another carrier oil that works well with your skin)

-A few skirts of buckthorn seed oil (google the benefits)

-About 5 drops of peppermint, lavender and frankincense

-Mix it all up and put about 8-10 masks in the bowl to soak it up (I let mine soak overnight)

The next item replaces fabreeze and other linen/fabric spray. I use it on our couches, pillows, sheets, crib sheets, dog bed, hamper, shoes/slippers, everything that needs a cleansing spray in between uses. It's simple and so beneficial! You can swap out the lavender for lemon, orange, or peppermint (any scent that you enjoy).

Linen Spray

-Start with a glass spray bottle (linked finds)

-15 drops thieves (kills germs)

-15 drops purification

-10 drops lavender (great for sheets and pillows to aid sleep)

The DIY possibilities are endless and I will continue to create blog posts for them, but I want to offer them to you gradually! Enjoy!

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