• Christina Ehrlich

Fall Is Right Around The Corner

Fall is coming, I can smell it! The cool mornings, oversized sweaters and football is right around the corner! Fall and winter can also bring more germs so here are some tips to stay above that wellness line!

First things first ditch those candles. They just aren’t good for us, plain and simple. Diffusing oils are great for the air, our immune systems and yes the fall blends are truly something special.

Here is what we do daily to stay above the wellness line!

We have a wellness roller filled with lemon, frankincense and thieves that we roll on at least twice a day. Yes we all use it, babies included!

Supplements are so important for your wellness and gut health. Every day we drink at least 2 oz of Ningxia. If we feel a little under the weather, we will increase it to 4-6 oz a day. For gut health we love Mighty Pro. It’s a pre and probiotic. There is also Life 9 for gut health!

Inner defense is an amazing supplement to prevent sickness. I take one every other day all year round. Vitamin C is also great to boost immunity.

Now germs will come and sickness happens, it’s natural. When it does come I swear by thieves oil right in the shower/tub and neat on the feet and spine. Grab snifflease to apply and diffuse. And the best for those sniffles, cough, etc is the Thieves chest rub.

Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. The fall diffuser blends and essential oils are divine. I make sure to stay on top of our supplements so we stay healthy and enjoy all the fall events like hayrides and pumpkin picking.

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