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Hello World

It’s time for Jack’s birth story. I’d say men skip over, but honestly you should know what women do to bring you into this world. This will be short and sweet just like his delivery.

Jack’s due date was October 28th so we scheduled induction at 7pm that night. Why induction at 40 weeks? Liv was almost two weeks late, I could barely walk during the third trimester because of sciatic nerve pain, and scheduling it allowed us to board the dogs and make sure Liv was taken care of.

Well that day I had cramping and I knew it was coming but we went to dinner and then checked into the hospital like checking into a hotel at 7pm. After my Covid-19 test, they inserted Cervidil. Within an hour I was contracting like crazy so they had to take it out. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Cervidil usually stays in for 12 hours to initiate induction. The doctor had to start a medicine to slow labor because Jack wasn’t liking something. To this day I haven't ask about that. Thank you to the doctor for possibly downplaying something going wrong and bypassing a lot of unwanted stress. After enduring contractions until midnight, I get an epidural. The nurse said I was getting brutalized. She wasn’t wrong. I am not one to have a detailed birth plan. I just show up and get the baby as safely as I can.

I didn't get an exam before the epidural and I wish I did. The epidural started to wear off on my left side which happened with Liv's labor as well. The doctor examined me and said I was 9cm. I would have opted to skip the epidural if I knew this because I ended up pushing as it was wearing off anyway. I pushed 2, maybe 3 times and that was it. Jack arrived shortly after 1am on October 29th. He seemed so much bigger than Liv, well he was almost a whole pound bigger. But he just seemed older. This was probably because I was experienced already and not scared out of my mind when they put a tiny human on my chest that was now all mine to take care of.

So that's how I became a mom of two! Thank you Jack for being everything I needed and so much more!

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