• Christina Ehrlich

Just a Mom

Oh boy where do I begin? Being a mom will always be my greatest accomplishment, yes even if I become the President of the United States. Is it too late for me to campaign for 2020? I truly believe the most important thing we can do is raise the next generation to be good humans. With that said, it's tough to just be a mom some days. Let's talk about that statement first. A lot of stay at home moms will get the question "well what do you do for a living?" I know I am guilty of saying "oh I'm just a mom." No one is just anything. No one is just a doctor, no one is just a teacher. So let's stop saying it in regards to motherhood! We all wear so many hats as we walk through this life.

So back to the stay at home mom life. Yes I am "just" a mom. I'm not a teacher, I'm not an accountant, I am Olivia's mom. To Olivia I am so much more than just Mom. I am her personal assistant, her chauffeur, her therapist, her biggest fan, just to name a few. A quick shout out to all the working parents, I see you. We are all trying to raise good humans in a loving and comfortable environment. Let's lift each other up!

I am very grateful to be able to be a stay at home parent. Shout out to my husband for making it an option for our family. I have a front row seat in my daughter's life. Watching her figure out this world is the coolest thing I've done, and will ever do. As grateful as I am, at times I wish I had a job. I wish I was a part of the workforce with a specific purpose. The days are exhausting and the lack of adult interaction is debilitating at times. Some days I wish I could drop Liv off at daycare and then do adult things without a tiny human in tow. Those days are far and few between, so "just a mom" I will stay!

A few points before Livy wakes up from her nap. Yes, my days revolve around a tiny human (and dog, hey Boomer). Yes, we schedule events around her nap time. Yes I often need breaks, but rarely get them. Yes, it's really hard, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy parenthood. I don't want it any other way. We all know that time flies and the moments we have today we won't have again. To everyone raising tiny humans, just take a moment to be grateful for where you are at. Some day we will look back on these days and ask, "where did the time go?"

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