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Laundry Room Ditch & Switch

I recently shared all my laundry hacks on my Instagram page and wanted to organize it into one easy post! The products we use for laundry matter because our clothes are in direct contact with our skin all day long! Here is everything you need to do the ditch in switch in the laundry room!

First grab these products from Young Living and you’ll need a few things from amazon. Below you’ll find the recipes you need! You'll need to grab some essential oils too if you don't have these on your shelf (purification, thieves, and lavender).

Thieves Household Cleaner

Laundry Caddy Bundle

Laundry Soap Recipe & Hack

Grab these pump bottles

Split laundry soap into thirds then...

In each bottle add

Two capfuls of thieves household cleaner

10 drops purification essential oil

5 drops thieves essential oil

Top with water

About 6-8 pumps per load (can be more, can be less)

Stain stick

Equal parts water and thieves household cleaner

Use on stains as needed (clothes, rugs, couches, etc)

Fabric softener

2 cups white vinegar

1/8 cup rubbing alcohol

15 drops thieves essential oil

Add a tablespoon or two to the washer

Laundry boost

2 cups Epsom salts (let empty oil bottles sit in there over night)

1 cup baking soda

Add 1/2 cup to the washer

Linen spray

25 drops lavender essential oil

Tablespoon rubbing alcohol

Top with water

Spray sheets, pillows, hampers, couches, etc.

Ditch those dryer sheets and get Wool dryer balls. There are vegan friendly ones as well, just search! You can drop essential oils right on them. My go to is lemongrass!

Sorry folks but I don't have any hacks on how to put clothes away in a timely fashion. At least your clothes will be clean, smelling fresh and free of toxins!

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