• Christina Ehrlich

MLMs aren't so bad

About two months ago I decided to give the business side of Young Living a go. I have been using the products for well over a year and absolutely loving them. Life changing if I'm going to be completely honest. When I thought about doing the business I always caved to my excuses. I don't have time... What will people think? I don't know enough... Well I got out of my own way and started. I am sure glad I did!

Multi level marketing companies have a stigma tied to them for some reason and I am trying to break it down. I think like anything else, people judge because they simply don't know. One day I heard Seth on a phone call and he was "selling" his proposal of insurance to a broker so that the broker could go to the company with the pitch. I realized that a lot of careers are selling something or promoting something. So why are MLMs any different? They aren't! I'm sharing something with others that I know will help them, just like Seth was sharing his insurance proposal with a Fortune 500 company.

I share these products just like I share leggings I love from Lululemon. I got a new tank that I love, of course I'm talking about it with all my CrossFit friends. Why is Young Living any different? Yea I don't have an answer either.... I rarely buy things nowadays without a friend's recommendation. We currently want to buy new sheets and I am asking everyone I know for sheets that they love! At least with MLMs, if someone recommends something to me I can buy and support THEM! I have always loved supporting other MLMs. Why? Because it supports people I know and love! I think that's a beautiful thing!

I am now running a small business from my own home, while I continue to stay present with my babies. I'm sure this is a dream for a lot of parents out there! I have connected with so many new people and it's truly an amazing thing! I have a small team that is growing and I am leading them to reach their goals. I support my team with the use of their products and host classes for new people to learn about these amazing products.

When I see people post about certain struggles on social media, I am going to share my experiences because I know what has worked for me and my family. I am doing this just like I would type in book or show recommendations on someone's instagram story!

I think a big misconception people have is that if I buy something from an MLM company I have to start doing the business. There is nothing further from the truth! You can simply buy products that you love and use them with your family. Now the business side is always there and it is truly a gift. But I understand it is not for everyone!

I am grateful for Young Living for so many reasons and that probably deserves its own blog post. The products have helped us in so many ways. It has connected me to people that I now consider close friends. No really I feel like I've know them my whole life. They support me, they motivate me, they listen to me when I'm having a terrible day. Do we talk about oils, yes but for only like 10% of the time honestly. As a stay at home mom I was struggling with finding some more purpose. I found it and now I'm thriving.

I think the takeaway from all of this is to cheer each other on. We are all doing our own thing and doing what makes us happy. Let's celebrate that!

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