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Mom Life

I'm not sure any blog post can give the credit that mom life deserves, but here it goes. Dads I see you too, parenting is hard. But let's be honest, moms we are a different breed. Most dads will agree, we are superhuman. A special shoutout to single parents, those moms and dads taking on all the roles. You are the real MVPs in my book.

Mom life begins when you get pregnant with your first child. The worry, the guilt, the love is simply overwhelming. It is the point when we officially put the life of someone else above our own. This in itself is very overwhelming. The thought that without hesitation you would die for someone else.

Sacrifice is used a lot to describe motherhood and I definitely agree. We use our body to grow a tiny human and then many of us then use our body to feed the tiny human. Side note breastfeeding is fucking hard. To those moms who make it look effortless, you’re awesome but for many of us it’s debilitating at times. So if you are breastfeeding and thinking it’s natural why can’t I do it, just stop take a deep breath and reach out to a lactation consultant. I have a few that I love. But even then if it’s not happening please don’t beat yourself up, a fed baby is a happy baby and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

There is a quote that I keep seeing on social media. It basically says I know working moms and I know stay at home moms, but I've never met a mom that doesn't work. The work is hard no matter how you spin it. Working moms have to balance all the things while stay at home moms always have the thought in the back of their mind of "should I be working and doing more for this world?" Valid thought and it runs through my head several times a week. In my opinion one of the best things we can do for this world is raise the next generation to be kind, compassionate and motivated to make this world better. And guess what working moms and stay at home moms can do this and do it well!

There are some days that I think about getting a job. I think about how nice it would be to sit in a quiet office and drink hot coffee. And then even get a second cup of hot coffee as soon as the first cup is gone. Sounds like a vacation. But then Liv comes up to me and says mommy, hug with are arms stretched wide and I realize I’m doing exactly what I want to do. In these moments Liv can see I look stressed or frustrated and her hugs truly have super powers.

There are some things I’ve learned since becoming a mom. A hot shower is now considered self care rather than basic hygiene. I rather do the dishes than be with both kids between the hours of 5 and 7. A break is often a trip to Target without the kids. Oh and I really hate cradle cap.

I know some day I will get my freedom back in small doses and I'll most likely miss the kids being so small, but right now while I'm in the trenches it's sometimes hard to breath. Hard to breath because the days are so long, while at the same time I love these kids so much it physically hurts. Why are the days so long, but the years are short?

The good days definitely outweigh the grueling moments. Raising these kids will always be my first priority no matter what this world brings. Every moment flies by so fast and I never know if it's the last time Liv holds my hand or the last time Jack will need me in the middle of the night. The only thing I know is that I love these tiny humans more than life itself and I will spend the rest of my days showing them.

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