• Christina Ehrlich

Mom of Two

Is it hard having two? Biggest question I get asked. Honestly? No, I love it. I love seeing the two fo them together. I feel this overwhelming feeling of relief that I have two healthy and happy babies. Jack was just very hard. He required a ton of attention, that Olivia just didn't need as a newborn. Every newborn trick in the book to help him sleep/soothe didn't work. I spent 9 weeks sitting on the couch asleep while he slept on my chest. I had a lot of physical, emotional and mental pain. This brought on a lot of mom guilt, because I felt I was neglecting Olivia. We barely left the house and she was getting a lot of screen time. But she was laughing, smiling and thriving so I'm sure this is normal, moms let me know!

In the past 11 weeks, I've definitely had more days with tears than days without. A lot of the tears were for Olivia. I thought I was missing new things she was doing. I went from being with her at bed time every night for two years to not being able to be up there for her routine. These things hit hard. Jack needed me and I kept telling myself it was only temporary. I don't think the lack of sleep was helping.

There are days that I don't brush my teeth. Or maybe I did, honestly can't remember some days. There are definitely days I don't have time to eat enough, drink enough water or shower. But the love I have for these tiny humans is unmatched. It's so overwhelming at times I cry. See not all those tears were for negative reasons!

A lot of moms talk about which jump was harder. The jump from no kids to one, or the jump from one kid to two. Honestly I can't decide. When Olivia was born, my world was rocked but when Jack came my world was equally rocked. Welcome to parenthood!

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