• Christina Ehrlich

Mom Shaming

Ok folks it’s the post you’ve all been waiting for. Time to shame moms. Insert eye roll emoji.

Wait a minute, why is mom shaming even a thing? Moms create life for all of us and then for the most part sacrifice their own lives to support us. Moms are the last people we should be placing judgment on. Especially moms to other moms! With that said I know there are moms out there that aren't carrying the responsibility like they should, but that's a topic for another day.

First things first, dad shaming needs to be a thing. If I get shit for something, and a dad gets away with it? Not cool. I am definitely kidding, two wrongs don’t make a right here, but seriously dads can do anything and people just laugh it off. If my kids are sitting in the shopping cart a funny way, I’m practically arrested. The double standard needs to end too.

Now of course I don’t think anyone should be shaming anyone, but we definitely shouldn’t be shaming parents. Parenting is hard whether you have a 3 month old or 30 year old. Yea my mom still has sleepless nights and her kids are 32 and almost 29.

The main thing I want to say is no one deserves the right to judge a parent for the choices they make for their family. I mean it’s their family for a reason so leave them the hell alone.

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