• Christina Ehrlich


What a loaded word, motherhood. Becoming a mother has been my greatest accomplishment, without a doubt. I honestly don't even remember what I did before Liv came into the world. It definitely has changed me and not in a bad way. I have become much more relaxed, believe it or not. Of course I worry about my kids, but having them has put a lot of other things into perspective. I don't worry about the house chores as much and the little stressors in life have disappeared. I am not as regimented and I go with the flow more. I mean with kids you have to, because toddler life is so unpredictable!

With all of that said, the person I am outside of being a mom matters! Now of course it is a HUGE part of my identity now, but I am still a wife, a daughter, a friend and now a work from anywhere momma! Finding the Young Living business has truly given me some purpose in life beyond motherhood and for that I am truly grateful.

My kids will always be my number one priority, but at the same time I understand the importance of taking care of myself. I find time to read because it brings me joy. I find some time to exercise even if it's only 10-20 minutes a day. Exercise is truly a mental outlet for me. Getting a good sweat on really helps me clear my head.

For all the new moms who feel trapped in motherhood I see you. I promise you will find your way. We all do. Some roads might be bumpier than others, but make sure you always know that you are the PERFECT mother for your babies.

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