• Christina Ehrlich

My Breastfeeding Journey // Take Two

Liv was born in October of 2018. Welcome to motherhood, she said. She latched right away, but oh boy my nipples didn’t respond well. I used whatever the hospital gave me and applied if often, but they were still cracked and bleeding. She wasn’t gaining as much as the doctor wanted, so around four months we started supplementing with formula. When she was about ten months old she really didn’t want to nurse anymore so after two weeks of fighting her the journey was complete. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I didn’t hate it either. She definitely preferred the bottle and feeding herself.

About a year later Young Living entered my life. And another year later, Jack came into the world. Now with Jack I had a tool box of support thanks to Young Living. I’ll tell you about my journey with Jack and you can decide if the products helped or it was simply a coincidence.

Before I start I have to say that Jack never took a bottle. He started taking a cup around eight months old. He wanted to eat all the time. Turns out he had a tongue tie and his latch was brutal. But because of rose ointment I never had any issues with my nipples. A lactation consultant who saw his latch was shocked. Yes we got his lip and tongue tie corrected.

I started using Young Living supplements like

vitamin B and vitamin D while I was pregnant with Jack. I also started drinking Ningxia Red which is an antioxidant supplement. I continue to drink it and yes I drink it while breastfeeding. I had a freezer stash of milk for a kid who never took a bottle. Jack has always been above the 50th percentile in weight and at is nine month appointment he was hovering around they 80th. My supply has kept up with Jack and I am so grateful.

Some may say it’s a coincidence that my breastfeeding journey with Jack was better and that’s fine. But if you’re breastfeeding and struggling with a low supply I highly suggest some Ningxia Red….

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