• Christina Ehrlich


I ADORE being a mom. It will always be my best accomplishment in this life and it will always be my number one priority. But at the same time SAHM life can be lonely and for lack of a better word boring. No of course it's not boring, but when the kids finally start to sleep well and nap regularly a mom can sometimes be left twiddling her thumbs and looking for something MORE.

Plain and simple I needed some more purpose in this life. I'd be lying if I said I never looked for a job after becoming a SAHM. It's HARD, and I thought finding something to do, even part time out of the home would help everyone. But then the logistics of child care were discussed and it just didn't work for us. If I didn't have to financially, I wasn't going to do it. I also want to show my kids that anything is possible. When I hear Liv say "mommy working" it truly makes me heart skip a beat.

I get to help people, which as a former teacher, has always been a big part of my life. I get to help people live a more enjoyable life by managing stress, getting better sleep, supporting emotions and much, much more. Young Living is truly an amazing lifestyle and I am so grateful I get to share it with others.

You know what else is really cool? I get to help other people, most who are moms like me, build a business to gain the financial freedom to stay at home with their babies. I get to support them while they build the life of their dreams which truly gives me life.

Young Living has given me so much more than oils and other amazing products. It gave me a community of amazing people who support me and constantly build me up. I found the purpose I was longing for. FIRE!

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