• Christina Ehrlich

Ningxia Red Drink

NingXia Red is a whole-food powerhouse the entire family can enjoy! It’s a boost of healthy energy for all, and 2 oz. a day is the best way to get its benefits. Kids, expectant mothers, dogs—everyone loves it. It contains powerful antioxidant-fighting properties that help to fight off free radicals, which can break down your system.

Overall wellness and nutritional support is key, and it's the mainstay of this delicious- tasting supplement. It is recommended you take 1-2 ounces daily, and we take more when we need extra support.

NingXia Red is formulated from exotic fruits, such as the Ningxia wolfberry, and is infused with essential oils. This wonderful supplement supports normal cellular function, eye health, and prevents deterrents due to oxidative stress.

What is a wolfberry? Wolfberries are CRAZY high in antioxidants and so, so, so good for you. Ningxia wolfberries are from the Ningxia region of China, where the most potent species (Lycium barbarum) is grown in the mineral-rich, super fertile soil near the Yellow River. This area is unlike anywhere else on the earth and it shows—this species of wolfberry has the highest antioxidant value.

How do I drink it? I mix it with about 20 ounces of ice water or Ningxia Zyng. I give the kids the tiny pouches frozen!

What benefits do I experience? Gut health, gut health and more gut health! My skin is benefiting from it too! My immune system is stronger and I have more energy. I just feel better overall.

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