• Christina Ehrlich

No one has time to be sick

Before I bought my first tiny bottles of essential oils, I would get bad colds and even sinus infections that lasted 1-2 weeks. They lingered!

I want to share this because I know we don’t have time to be sick and if you have kids you don’t want them sick for that long either! All of these tips can be done on a regular basis to keep immune systems strong! When symptoms show, just increase it all and everyone will be better in a couple days!

Wednesday I started feeling a little congested and the scratchy throat. Signs of a cold for me. This afternoon I am feeling really good! So here’s what I do when I feel those first symptoms come on. I do most of this for the kids too! It might look like a lot, but it really isn’t!

+hot showers with eucalyptus

+detox baths for the kids

+Snifflease all over the sinuses

+thieves chest rub

+extra Ningxia, 4-6 ounces a day

+thieves roller 3-4 times a day

+diffuse thieves day and night

+immupro at night

+inner defense 1-2 a day

+cinnamon cbd, a dropper a day

+a ton of water

+sleep and rest when I can

Like I said, a lot of this stuff I do regularly to help my immune system. When I feel a little something I just increase everything for a day or two! Instead of being sick for weeks, it’s a couple days and the symptoms aren’t as bad! Same goes for the kiddos!

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