• Christina Ehrlich

Ready to start sharing YL?

Easy! When someone asks you about your comfy leggings, you send them the amazon link right? Same deal here.

Log into your account, click account details, click share YL and your link is right there ready to be shared. Your member number is already in there so for those who ask you about the CBD beauty serum you can't stop talking about you can send them that link and they can order right then and there. Remember, in order for them to get the products at wholesale they need to with hit the 100pv (which unlocks free shipping too) or subscribe and save an item.

We have so many resources in our business group, thick as thieves business » https://www.facebook.com/groups/283814156661475

Pop onto your social media stories! Probably the most casual and convenient way to do it. Be genuine! Share what works for you. We do not sell, we share from our heart. That is the beauty of this Young Living business.

Host an event! Maybe pair up with a yogi and have a yoga and oils class or host a make and take at your house. Anything to get educating and people together.

Make this business your own. You get what you put in 100% so with that being said you can share here and there and pay a few bills, or you can make this your career and make a salary.

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