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Rockabye Baby

I think as new parents it's very easy to get sucked into the topic of sleep! We see other parents on instagram showing their baby taking a two hour nap or sleeping through the night. It's easy to say wait a second why isn't my baby doing that?

I'm not sure if babies just start sleeping on their own. Maybe someone can tell me if this is a myth, but at times I hear parents say yea he/she sleeps through the night and the baby is six weeks old. And I'm talking 12 hours here, not midnight to 4am! But really no intervention at all? Really? Like please someone tell me if these babies exist in real life!

As a mom who had to intervene for both of my babies so far, I'd like to think that it's a myth. But the fact is all babies are different. I've said it before and yes it is a joke, but if Jack was my first baby I think he'd be an only child. But in all reality, he acted like an average newborn and Liv simply screwed with our expectations. He was and still is a completely different baby. And isn't that the beauty of parenthood?

I'm going off on several tangents, but the reason I am writing this blog post is to let parents know that there are no set rules on how your baby sleeps. Yes back is best, I get it. But I'm talking about duration of sleep, how you get them to sleep, and their daily schedules. There is absolutely no one size fits all method. Speaking from experience, Liv seemed to do everything by the book. She loved the swaddle, she slept on her back for hours on end, and loved the pacifier. Jack on the other hand would sometimes go 12 plus hours with NO SLEEP. Yep, you read that correctly.

As the seasoned vet that I am (lol) when I saw all of these sleep therapists posting about how well you can get your baby to sleep, it didn't phase me. But I kept saying man if I was a first time mom all of that info would have flipped me upside down! I would often look at schedules that were posted and said well there should really be an asterisk under that to say newborn naps aren't always two hours long or yes it's completely normal for an almost 4 month old to still need night feedings!

Well if you're a first time parent reading this, please consider this blog post your asterisks. Yes you can try and get your baby into a schedule and it will help. Yes you can watch wake windows, gosh am I sick of that term! But this is actually what helped the most with Jack. Yes you can create a perfect bedtime routine and sleep environment! You can do all of these things and still have short naps and still have night wakings. Let's stop expecting too much out of our newborns and just enjoy the ride!

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