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Self Care

Whether you like the term or not, we all need to take care of ourselves in one way or another. This is going to look different for everyone and some may be able to spend more time on this than others. Whether you get 10 minutes a day or 10 minutes a week, you need to make the best of it. Maybe your first step is deliberately planning your self care and carving out more time for it in your week. I think we can all agree that everyone needs little more self care in their lives.

What is self care? It involves the activities, tasks, and practices that help you think and feel your best. Some cringe at this term because they know they aren't getting enough. This blog post is only here to help you, not to make you feel inadequate. Emotional self care is about taking time for your emotions, participating in things that create positive feelings and also dealing with those negative thoughts. Mental self care is taking care of your state of mine, doing something intellectually stimulating or working on creating positive thoughts. Physical self care is all about taking care of your body such as working out, drinking plenty of water, making healthy nutritional choices, and making sure you have all the necessary doctors' appointments. Practical self care includes things like cleaning your house, scheduling those appointments, and organizing your family's calendar. Social self care is all about making time in your life for your friends, family and loved ones. Spiritual self care varies depending on your beliefs. It can mean going to church, praying, meditation, connecting with nature or any other activity that feeds your soul.

Yes everyone needs this, but I think parents, especially new parents need this more than ever. As new parents, we now have a tiny dependent that needs all of our time and energy. They are called dependents for a reason. They sometimes suck us dry by the end of the day, so find time for self care anywhere you can. We also are adjusting to these new life with this adorable tiny human who now needs us 24/7. When Liv was a newborn, I found myself taking the day in 10 minute increments. Looking at the day as a whole was just too daunting. I would just sit and focus on breathing for 10 minutes or maybe go for a walk (if someone was watching Liv). I really didn't find more than ten minutes here and there to think about myself. Self care may require some time and planning, but it's absolutely worth it and you deserve it. If you don't think you have time for it, start making it a priority at the top of your to-do list and you'll be surprised how much time you actually have for it.

This blog post is inspired by a book that I received from my mom for my 31st birthday. It's linked in my finds under self care. It is titled Self-Care for Moms, but I believe it can work for just about anyone. There are over 150 realistic ways to take care of yourself while you are also taking care of all of your other responsibilities.

The book does a great way of breaking down actives into timed activities. I strongly believe that these different activities should be planned into your day just like job meetings, exercise classes, drop off/pick up times for your kids, meals, etc. I'm going to provide you with some of my favorites, but do yourself a favor and get the book. Obviously it's on amazon and you can have it by tomorrow.

3-5 minute activities

-Diffuse essential oils

-Cuddle with your kids or dog

-Text a friend

-Delete emails

-Do nothing

15 minute activities

-Enjoy a cup of coffee

-Get up 15 minutes earlier

-Read a chapter in a book

-Send a card

-Do a face mask

30 minute activities

-Declutter or tidy up

-Watch an episode of Schitt's Creek (any show will do)

-Write in a journal

-Get out of the house

-Take a bath

1 hour activities

-Exercise class

-Take a nap


-Meet a friend for lunch

-Join or start a book club

2-4 hour activities

-Get your hair done

-Visit the zoo

-Ladies night out

-Date night

-Clean the house

Entire day activities



-Work on a DIY project

-Spend the night in a hotel

-Spa day

Maybe these things sound simple to you or rather you are having a hard time applying these to your life. Start prioritizing these self care activities and start small. I promise, a little goes a long way!

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