• Christina Ehrlich

Skeptic? Yea I get it

To all of the oils haters out there, I totally get it.

All of the sudden you are seeing Young Living oils everywhere and wondering what the deal is. “This is such a trend.” “Who is paying these people to post these?” Here’s the kicker… they’re not a trend because they never went away. They have been used since the beginning of time, they’re literally mentioned in the bible on many occasions. Also, nobody is paying us, we are actually paying to buy them. A pretty penny at that. Why? Because they work. Because they are 100% pure oil compounds. Because our sleep is improving, our anxiety is decreasing, our skin issues are improving. Overall wellness? Yea it's better too!

So these people posting are actually just shocked and excited at how much their lives are improving and simply want to help improve yours as well. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why are they just blowing up now? Well, for one example we live in a world where doctors prescribe you 50 Percocet’s for a minor stomach burn (personal experience). Why? Because you will experience immediate relief. There is such a lack of trust and regard for the long term. Sad to say but the money is the motive for these major companies and we are the ones who are suffering the consequences. For real though, why is it that when you clean your bathtub with bleach you have to open the windows to breathe? How is that normal? Why not control what you can?

I use YL products because I know, trust and love them and I want the best for myself and my loved ones. So if you still think these oils are a pyramid scheme that is totally fine, you are entitled to your own opinions and I’ll love ya either way. Just don’t be surprised to see us years down the line still using our YL oils because I promise you we will!

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