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Skin Care

I'm sure you've already heard that skin is the largest organ in the body. It is really important we know what we are putting on it. With Young Living I know that it is all non toxic and super safe for me and my family!

I have very sensitive skin and have had a lot of issues with breakouts/acne in the past. Even now as a 32 year old. I don't wear make up often and I have never had a skin care routine that I've stuck with. I added the Art Skin care system to my wellness box about six months ago and I've actually been sticking to the routine. It's an easy button for me. It consists of a gentle cleanser, refreshing toner and light moisturizer. For the winter I now have the art intensive moisturizer. About 2-3 times a week I use the satin mint face scrub.

In addition to the art skin care system I use wolf berry eye cream. I add a few drops of cobaiba to help fight the bags under my eyes. Mom life ain't for the weak.

A new product that came out recently is the CBD beauty boost. All I can say is wow. I have never felt anything so smooth and refreshing on my skin. I put a few drops in my moisturizer and then apply it all over my face. I'd bathe in it if I could....

I use a happy skin roller with 10 drops of lavender, frankincense, geranium and copaiba. The carrier oils I use is jojoba oil. Lavender is moisturizing. Frankincense helps fight wrinkles and aging. Geranium helps fight breakouts and copaiba helps with inflammation. I roll this on a few times a day especially before bed!

A little bit of self care for me is my new jade roller. I keep it in the fridge and every night as soon as the kids are in bed I put a few drops of frank on it and roll it all over my face. Definitely one of my favorite moments of the day.

Last but certainly not least, my oil community taught me how gut health impacts our skin. I make sure to drink my ningxia every day. Go check out my post about that! I also take Mighty pro which is a pre and probiotic. I love helping my skin from the inside out!

I am noticing so much of a difference. My skin just feels better. I don't feel dry or oily. I am also not experiencing any breakouts! Maybe a pimple here and there but nothing like it used to be! Thanks again to Young Living!

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