• Christina Ehrlich

Take a Leap

Take a moment and think of something you’re struggling with. Maybe you can’t fall asleep

at night because your mind is cluttered with all the things. Or you’re anxious about an upcoming meeting at work. Here's a big one, maybe your kid doesn't sleep well or has bone chilling tantrums. Or maybe you're simply looking to get rid of some chemical laced cleaning products!

I guarantee that Young Living can help you with one thing you are struggling with, if not more. This blog post will highlight some of the products that are available in the various starter bundles. When you purchase your starter bundle you gain access to wholesale pricing. There are no annual fees or memberships, the only thing you must do is spend 50 bucks a year to stay a member. That $50 is in products though, not a membership fee.

In addition to the wholesale pricing we have amazing opportunities to learn and grow. We continually have classes to learn new stuff that Young Living offers. Just more amazing products to help you live your life.

Premium Starter Bundle $165

Choice of Diffuser

So many great oils like lavender, Frankincense, and lemon just to name a few

Samples of Thieves and Ningxia

Thieves Starter Bundle $125

Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Hand soap and household cleaner

Thieves spray and hand sanitizer

Ningxia Red Starter Bundle $135

2 Ningxia Red Bottles

30 Ningxia Red packets

Ningxia Nitro

Little Oilers Starter Kit $135

Feather the Owl Diffuser

Oil blends for kids such as sleepyize and sniffleease

CBD Starter Bundle $165

CBD calm roll-on

CBD Muscle rub

CBD oil

Basic Kit $35

Stress away

Ningxia red packets

Mints and hand purifier

Get started today!


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