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I never really recovered from Liv's sleep regression. I was getting up every hour or two because of little miss. When she was finally sleep trained and I could get sleep too, my body just couldn't adjust. I had trouble falling asleep and I would wake up 2-3 times a night. I'm sure all the worries we have as parents didn't help either. I'll be honest, I let mom life get in the way and my sleep issues took a back seat.

November of 2019 I found out I was pregnant and felt awful. Hold your congratulatory comments, because no I am not pregnant right now, but I need to build up my following before I hit you with the miscarriage post. Anyway, I was looking for some relief for nausea, and of course my sleep issues were still there.

I took the leap and got my kit from Young Living. I was a little skeptical, but I was willing to try anything. I started diffusing lavender and peace+calming at night. First night with it in the diffuser I slept all the way to Seth's alarm at 6am. Ok, probably a fluke right? Nope, I've been sleeping that well ever since. I never got a chance to use the nausea remedies for my pregnancy, but I have them all saved and ready to go for next time....

Since getting the kit I've been making my own cleaning products, and creating rollers for anxiety, skin, and immunity (just to name a few). I love putting cleansing blends in the diffuser as Liv naps and I tidy up the playroom. I have a few go to blends that I use at different times of the day. For example, I do lavender and peace + calming in the afternoon when Liv tends to be a bit cray. I also love peppermint and lemon in the morning for a great wake up call! This time of year, several of my routines are based on immune health!

I think my biggest aha moment was a couple weeks ago when both Liv and Seth had colds. In the past, I would get it almost instantly. This time was different. I was diffusing thieves, purification and lemon all day and night. I was using my homemade immunity roller 3-4 times a day. Both Seth and Liv's colds did not last as long as usual, Liv didn't skip a beat in the sleep department, and guess who, never caught the germs! More recently I felt a little scratch in my throat. I kept up with my immunity routines listed above but I also did a drop of Thieves under my tongue for two mornings. I also used my homemade breathe roller and my sinuses cleared up after about two days! Mind officially blown by these lovely oils.

If you think I'm crazy, then maybe I am. If you think it's a cult, then sure, but I'm proud to be apart of it. I just wish I knew about all this oily goodness years ago!

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