• Christina Ehrlich

Thieves the Day

Thieves essential oil is a legendary blend of purifying essential oils, Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiata, and Rosemary, known for immune support and cleansing properties when taken internally and refreshing breathing experiences aromatically and topically.

How do we use it?

  • We diffuse it all day long for immune support

  • I use the roll on morning and night, extra if I feel something coming on

  • The kids have a wellness roller with Thieves, Lemon and Frankincense

  • We drop Thieves vitality into our coffee

  • We make Thieves tea

  • Thieves is in all of our household products

Thieves Household Cleaner // 100% plant based and super concentrated. It lasts forever because you only need one capful for every 16 ounces. It cleans every single surface in your home so you can ditch every cleaner under the sink.

Thieves Laundry Soap // The only laundry soap we will use. It's safe for our skin and is super effective. It's also super concentrated so one bottle turns into three. It last a while!

Thieves Dish Soap // I know, how can someone be so excited about dish soap? Well I am. If you know you know....

Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub // same as above....

There are also several products for when we are sick. I have about five containers of Thieves Chest Rub because I never want to be without if the kids develop a cough of the sniffles. Thieves cough drops are amazing and I am obsessed with the Thieves whitening tooth paste.

I am not sure what I did before Thieves came into our lives a little over two years ago. I'm just so happy we have it now.

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