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Trades of Hope

I was introduced to Trades of Hope by a dear mom friend, Krista Laskey. We taught together at Skyview Elementary. I am hosting an online party with her that starts Wednesday night so I wanted to highlight their amazing mission. This year I am focusing on connecting with people in an attempt to make a difference in this world. I think we all could benefit from a little more positivity!

Trades of Hope was founded almost ten years ago by two mother/daughter teams. How cool! It’s currently run by all women which is also a pretty cool thing. Goals, am I right??

In every country around the world, families are being destroyed and human trafficking is on the rise. Just take a moment and think of this happening to your family. Heartbreaking doesn’t even begin to describe it.

So what does Trades of Hope do? And what can we do?

They invest in Artisans, their families, and communities through givebacks that build relationships through healing and hope. They believe the value of the products lives in the names, faces, and stories of the Artisans who create them, and they invest in the human value of the products by abiding by fair trade principles. They encourage Artisans to preserve and celebrate positive expressions of their country’s culture through the products they create.

They empower women to overcome poverty, discrimination, and exploitation. Statistically, a woman rising out of poverty will bring four more people with her. They help empower families & communities out of poverty by empowering women – working together to provide brighter futures for their families & communities.

They create jobs in areas of extreme poverty. This is the single most powerful way we can help keep families together & fight human trafficking, because Trades of Hope believes (and so do I) no mother should have to give up her children or sell her body to save them from starvation.

Even one piece of jewelry purchased can make a huge impact. There is even coffee and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

So are you in?


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