• Christina Ehrlich

Trust Your Gut

Since Jack was born he has had gas, reflux and sleep issues. At the hospital the pediatrician told us he had a tongue tie, but because he latched well, ate well, and I didn't experience pain from his latch they said don't worry about it. Of course we listened to the CHOP pediatrician at the hospital. We could not lay Jack down on his back for sleep because he would wake up after about 5 minutes. We had countless visits from a lactation consultant and once again the tongue tie was mentioned, but he was eating well and gaining weight so we didn't address it.

Jack slept on my chest for about 9 weeks as I sat up on the couch trying to sleep. He spit up a lot, but never seemed in pain. So the pediatrician said he was a happy spitter. When Jack was about 12 weeks old he then started going several days without a bowel movement. The longest he went was 12 days. Well because he was breastfed, the professionals said there isn't much waste so it's normal. Jack also had some bad dry skin patches on his skin. I went dairy free and his skin cleared up in a matter of days so I knew we were on the right track. After 3 weeks of being dairy free the stomach issues have not improved!

Now Jack is five months old and his sleep as greatly improved for a number of reasons but mainly because he can sleep on his side or belly, and we started working with a sleep consultant this week. Still spitting up and still constipated...

At one of my pelvic floor appointments, the therapist mentioned a tongue tie causing reflux issues that could lead to all of his spit up. It kept coming back to the tongue tie. So I made an appointment with a physical therapist that specializes in Pediatric Rehabilitation and Craniosacral Therapy for Infants and Children. What a life saver..... Finally someone told me that something wasn't right and things could be fixed to help Jack.

To keep things simple a tongue tie isn't always something that is visible. A tongue tie can also cause very rigid connective tissue from the tongue all the way down one's midline. So basically Jack is very tight from his forehead all the way down to his belly button. This also affects his digestion, hence the spit up and constipation. He is very rigid with his chest and limbs, but I never thought anything of it. All of Jack's struggles are linked to this tongue tie and rigid midline. Even the milk and possible gluten allergy... The same genetic marker that causes this tongue tie can cause the milk and gluten allergy. Wow, science is pretty cool.

I forgot to mention that Jack never took a pacifier and refuses the bottle. After 60 minutes with the physical therapist she had Jack sucking her finger as if it was a bottle. When I brought him home, he actually sucked on a bottle. Mind blown and what a sigh of relief.

We are now able to do exercises with Jack daily to help his tongue function and stretch his midline out. Will we need to have his tongue tie corrected at some point? Maybe, but we will do this first and see how it goes.

I needed to share this because sometimes the medical professionals just don't know. They aren't living with you and your child. They aren't up at 3am when your baby has severe gas pains. They aren't home and wishing your son would take a bottle so you could take a 20 minute shower. They just aren't around your child enough. I knew something wasn't right for five months. I kept seeking help and I was told over and over again that it was normal. I am not writing this blog post to toot my own horn, however I think moms should do that more often, I am simply writing this to tell other parents to trust your instincts. They are right nine times out of tn, if not more....

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