• Christina Ehrlich

Using the PSK on Tiny Humans

So I have a two year old and an 8 month old! I’ve been oiling for quite some time now so I used oils throughout my pregnancy and I honestly don’t know how people do life without them. I started oiling when Liv was about one and I’ve been using oils and all things YL for her since. I use oils and YL products on Jack. I’ve been oiling him since he was about 2 weeks old.

Each oil in the kit provides support for me and the entire family. Let me tell ya how. Start by checking the dilution chart below. If I’m being honest, I barely dilute, I just make sure I use only 1 drop when they are really young.

Diffuser: Add this to the babes room and get yourself one too! I have a diffuser in every room but I’m extra.

Peace + Calming: This is one of Jack’s favoriteeeee calming oil. He responds to this one the most. I’ll diffuse this at night in his room and after a nightime bath I apply to his feet.

Valor: Valor relieves my anxiety. I diffuse this at night and apply to neck and wrists during the day. I cannot live without this oil. Sometime’s I will add this to kids’ nighttime diffusers.

Frank: This is applied to both mine and Jack’s forehead for focus and centering. Sometimes we just need a reset – most especially when baby boy is crying and it takes me forever to figure out why. I also have this in our teething roller.

Panaway: After birth my back was off. I hear this is common. Panaway for all of the aches and pains. My neck and back are really sore from being hunched over while feeding too. This helps alleviate that pain. I know, I‘m working on posture.

Stress Away: I mean, need a say more? Mom, bring this in the shower with you – when you can actually take one – and drop away. Rub all over your neck. This scent is unreal so I will diffuse during the day to keep us from freaking our. Liv LOVES to use this oil!

Lavender: Seriously what is lavender not good for? For Jack and Liv, I’ll let them sniff this when they need to chill. For me, the uses are endless but that is for another post. Diffuse at night for sleep! It’s amazing for skin too!

Raven: Sniffles and coughs? Raven baby. Dilute and apply to chest and bridge of nose for the little one should they be snotty and agitated. This oil opens you right up. I always say it’s similar to vicks vapor rub in both smell and use. But way safer!

Peppermint: pep on the temples is immediate relief For head tension. I don’t use this on baby love.

Citrus Fresh: For baby hiccups!

Thieves: Immunity! Let’s be serious, no one wants a sick baby! Rub on your neck and wrists every single morning to stay above the wellness line. I make a roller with this, lemon and frank and roll it on daily. Both me and the kids! Diffuse with other oils for an amazinggggggg fall scent.

Lemon: I add this to my water during the day to curb my cravings.

Digize: When Jack or Liv are constipated I will rub this on his back. Also, after birth mom usually has a terrible time going to the bathroom. I add this to my tea and rub on my stomach to get me moving along.

Ningxia Packets: I take one of these every single day. SO MANY BENEFITS, one including a natural boost of energy. What mom doesn’t need that, am I right?

Thieves Hand Sanitizer and Spray: This is in the diaper bag so where ever we go I can make sure unwanted germs stay away. I favor the spray because it is so quick and easy to use on yourself and all surfaces such as shopping carts and coffee shop tables.

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