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Wine & Essential Oils

I have teamed up with another local Mom to create a fun Wine and Essential Oils event next week at my house in Blue Bell! Everyone is welcome and I truly mean it!

We will taste delicious wine and smell some fabulous oils, while learning a little bit about moving toward a cleaner, non toxic lifestyle.

First, the wine! Every bottle of ONEHOPE makes an impact by supporting causes around the world. Together, they have proudly donated over $6 million by sharing wine and giving hope. Our partnership will support Today is a Good Day! The mission of Today is a Good Day is to provide personal and financial support for families who experience the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Did you know you could enhance the flavor and experience of wine drinking with Essential Oils? Now you’re curious, so let me explain. There are several terms often used to describe wine such as: crisp, fruity, oaky, florally, etc.

You can pair an essential in the same ‘category’ of the wine you are drinking to enhance the experience and flavor.

Riesling, for example, would pair while with a fruity essential oil such as Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, etc.

A Woodsy wine would pair well with Cedarwood, Black Spruce, Fir Needle, etc.

A more florally based wine could pair well with Juniper, Geranium, Lavender, etc.

These are merely suggestions. There are two simple ways you can use the wonderful aroma of essential oils while enjoying your glass (or bottle) of wine:

First, you could simply inhale the essential oil directly from the bottle as you are sipping. Second, you could diffuse the essential oil in a diffuser while you are sipping (this benefits everyone else in the room too!)

Enjoy your wine and essential oils! That’s right… they don’t interfere… they enhance!

Can’t make the event? That’s ok you can still purchase wine and support Today is a Good Day by clicking here!

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