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I purchased my Young Living Starter kit in November of 2019. Liv started sleeping through the night but my sleep was so messed up that I couldn't fall asleep and if I did I was up a lot because of all the night feedings it was used to. I got a diffuser with all the oils that came with it and started diffusing lavender at night. After just one night I felt the benefits. I was calmer at night and fell asleep much easier. I was also sleeping more soundly. I was definitely skeptical, but I really wanted a safe and natural remedy. I did not want to start taking medicine to help me sleep!

I dove right in and started making DIY rollers for immunity, sleep, anxiety just to name a few. There is a blog post with all my favorite recipes. During the first few months of 2020 I started ditching all our cleaning products for the Thieves stuff from YL. As Liv was crawling on the floor and practically licking the floor I felt better that the cleaner we were using could literally be ingested. There is also a blog post about all that good stuff too! Then we got pregnant with baby #2 and diffusing oils was really making my stomach turn. I was so bummed about this, but I kept using the rollers and the cleaning products. This is when I dabbled into the supplements for fatigue and nausea. Life-changing! Oh and don’t forget about the beloved Ningxia red drink!

I was sharing some of the stuff in my blog and on the socials and a few people got their oils and loved them. I didn't really think of the business side of things until recently. I attended a zoom meeting about the business and I was inspired. Seth was all for it considering we use them all the time and invest in the company already. So here goes nothing! I love the Young Living approach of sharing and educating rather than selling. I want to share these products because they’ve done so much for me and my family. Be on the look out for my classes!

I am excited to start this new adventure. If I can help just a few people sleep better or feel more confident throughout the day then it will be totally worth it.

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