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Young Living Biz

Welcome to the best business ever.

So you are ready to share your love for YL products?! Congrats, making that decision is the first step. Now make sure you are in our business group on Facebook, Thick as Thieves Business. There are a ton of resources and bad ass builders in there to run with you.

Where to begin?

Start sharing ASAP! What is working for you? What is your story? Document your journey! This business of multi level marketing requires a huge heart, a need to share and a genuine soul. Social media is going to be huge in helping you get your word out so hop on today! No better time to start then now.

How to start sharing Young Living!

Post your origin story. What led you to YL?

These are my favorite YL products and why.

Show your face! Don’t just use graphics.

Document your journey from start to finish!

Keep it genuine, keep it real. The 6-1 rule.

Though you will be super excited to jump into the business and start sharing, do not lose sight of you! Keep it real! For every 6 personal posts, make one of them oily. This way you don’t overwhelm or turn people off with just YL content.

Hosting classes and in person events is so much fun! Find your up line and plan some classes and events!

My calendar looks like this…

The beauty of this business is that you can run it however the heck you want. This is what my day to day looks like, feel free to use it as a start and make it your own as you go. We all are individuals who have different working styles so do what works for you!

Monday - #mondayminis, host a mini class on your social channels

Tuesday - #tiptuesday how to fill a diffuser, make a roller, etc.

Wednesday - show a hack or diy! Make it different every week.

Thursday - promote how to get started and check in on existing downlines.

Friday - show a favorite must have product, maybe run a sale!

Saturday - share a diffuser blend you love

Sunday - How to class!

Share the business side!

This is how you will grow a team of your own!

This is your business. Show up for it, every single day.

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