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Young Living Starter Kit for Beginners

Essential oils are a huge part of my daily routine already and I got my starter kit three short months ago!  I want to share some ways to use the starter kit from Young Living. It can be overwhelming, so I suggest starting small and picking a couple routines to start with! 

First, you have to  toss your oils from Target, Amazon, Giant, etc.  They are not 100% natural, and they are not seed to seal.  They contain a lot of additives which makes them very cheap.  I would much rather pay for a product I know is 100% natural because I use these products on myself, my home and my family. You may think I sound crazy, and yes at first I was a skeptic, but you will notice a difference instantly. I know I did!

You may think to yourself, I have trouble sleeping so I just want to buy lavender and peace+calming.  I highly recommend getting the kit, because you will find millions of other uses for you and your family. Each oil in the kit has a purpose and this blog is going to explain it all (well not everything, but enough to get you started)! 

With the purchase of this kit, you are not only unleashing new opportunities to a healthier lifestyle, you are joining a community of like-minded individuals that will encourage and support you.  With the starter kit comes a membership and you can now purchase anything from YL at WHOLESALE. We have several educational Facebook groups that offer daily posts to learn as well!  

One of the largest factors to getting started is the cost. Many of you want just the valor and stress away for your anxiety or the frankincense for your skin. If you were to order these oils alone they would total close to $100 while the kit gives you them and more (even a beautiful diffuser) for $165. It’s a no-brainer. So let’s see what the starter kit has to offer!  Like I said above, this isn’t all of it, but it’s a good place to get started!

+ Add frankincense to your skin creams to reduce wrinkles and fine lines

+ Rub peppermint on your temples when you feel a migraine coming on OR add it to your beverage to curb your carb craving!

+ Drop thieves under your tongue when you feel a cold brewing.

+ Acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion? Drop digize under your tongue.

+ Apply valor behind your ears when panic and fear approaches.

+ Add lemon to your water or tea. This helps to detoxify the body.

+ Congested? Rub raven on your neck and chest.

+ Add raven to your shower to open you up!

Below are blends that you can either diffuse or use to create oils. Consider this a beginners guide. There are millions of concoctions out there, but I just want you to have some to get started!

Note: You can use as many drops as you want and you will learn blends that work for you as you go. I use this as a guideline for how I diffuse and blend. If you are creating rollers, add a carrier oil to fill the rest of your roller.  Carrier oils and rollers can be found in My Finds. DIY blog post and class coming soon!

Sleep 10 lavender, 10 stress away, 5 valor, 3 peace+calming

Anxiety 7 valor, 5 peace+calming, 5 stress away

**Pop a roller top on your valor and apply directly to wrists and neck when panic sets in

Allergy 10 peppermint, 10 lavender, 10 lemon

Immunity 10 thieves

Tummy 10 digize, 10 peppermint

Headache or Migraine 15 peppermint, 6 panaway

Breathe Right 10 raven, 7 thieves, 5 peppermint

Aches + Pains 10 panaway, 10 peppermint

Focus 10 frank, 7 lemon, 7 citrus fresh, 5 stress away

Under Eye/Skin 10 frankincense, 5 lavender

Another thing that comes with your starter kit is the Thieves cleaning solution & Thieves hand sanitizer. Toss all of your cleaning products people! Add half a packet of this solution to an amber glass spray bottle (My Finds) and fill the rest with water. This is now your new cleaning solution for absolutely everything! Toss the bleach, windex, etc. Oh the money you will save on cleaning supplies.  I have a blog post all about the ditch and switch for your home!

If interested in the kit, you’re one click away from changing your life for the better.

Get your starter kit here!

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